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I am an Educator and have always dressed for work. I had always worn Sterling silver or gold accessories and nothing else. I attended an HBCU Homecoming one year and saw the display of jewelry brand. My thought was “I don’t wear costume jewelry”.  Well, one day when I was in Divine Style and saw Barbara Bobbitt’s  collection of jewelry, I was amazed. It was not that I thought Costume Jewelry was beneath me, I never would wear anything else beside my Sorority necklace and bracelet.  But once I picked out my first few pieces and started wearing them, I can say, I have NOT put my Sorority necklace back on because I wear a different set to accent my “outfit” each day.   I enjoyed her online shopping spree and it’s so easy to buy, buy and buy. I sometimes have to look the other way when I see her on Facebook because I know if I stop, I will be getting an order in the mail the next week. Her packages arrive quickly and in order. The cost to ship is very reasonable and affordable.  I buy pieces as gifts and is later ask, where did you get this. I have not had a piece to break, tarnish or lose it’s gleam.  Thank you, Barbara Bobbitt

Barbara P.

My personal testimony regarding Divine Jewels & awesome consultantship and professionalism of Barbara Bobbitt. One late evening I ran across her Live on mere mistake. I actually thought she was someone I knew so I clicked on and the rest is history. I purchased a few items (more than a few) and because of her personality and knack for how she delivers and represents the brand I continued to look forward to her lives! I found myself purchasing a GREAT WEALTH of these very fashionable, classy and inexpensive niceties that I wear daily! Let me add, that I live in another state where thousands of Paparazzi consultants are. In fact prior to connecting & purchasing with Divine Jewels, I previously purchased in my community but there was something 100% different and perfected to my liking on how Barbara pushed, engaged and promoted business! She's always timely, the background presentation display is well lit and inviting! She engages feedback from patrons and always suggests the Best Upgrades ever (even if you've promised yourself to stay within budget, lol)! What I most appreciate is the ORDER, INVOICING, HUMOR & FUN. She's never getting prepared to go live, SHE'S ALWAYS PREPARED bright & lively not only as a consultant but as a consumer who actually wears the product well. She clearly loves what she does as her customers love shopping! #EveryColor&Style #BStylesRocks #Hooked

Mercedes from Maryland

I've been a customer of Divine Jewels for a while now and I've enjoyed every minute.  Barbara is such a devoted consultant.  You can tell when you watch and listen to her lives online. I've bought a lot of jewelry and love it all. Where else can you  find pretty jewelry at such a great price? I am a regular customer!  I've received a lot of compliments about my jewelry and I proudly tell them where I get my pieces and who my consultant is, Mrs. Barbara Bobbitt. Barbara is very professional and always there to please her customers. Keep up the good work!!

Kathryn B.

I really enjoy doing business with Barbara. She is professional, well-organized and makes my shopping experience fun and simple. Barbara always carries a wide selection of jewelry pieces...which the rings are becoming one of my favorite items. I have had zero negative reaction to wearing any of the jewelry...and you cant beat those prices!!! 

Deborah C.